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Your Financial Partner For life is more than just a phrase. It is a vision for how people should be treated and served. We have carefully assembled a team of experts that believe in our cause and work cohesively together to ensure you receive unbiased advice and highly responsive service.

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Lee Adams

Chairman of the Board, Adams Enterprises

Bruce Ratchford

Board Member, Apollo Mechanical, Inc.
Ty Haberling, founder and financial advisor at HFG Trust

J. Tyler Haberling, CFP®

Founder, Board Member

Darrick Dietrich

Board Member, Basin Disposal, Inc.

Nicole Berg

Board Member, Berg Farms, LLC

Ryan Ratchford

Board Member, Apollo Mechanical, Inc.
Headshot photo of Eric Pearson, Chief Executive Officer at Community First Bank and HFG Trust in a black blazer with tie.

Eric Pearson

Chief Executive Officer

Jim Arneson

Chief Operating Officer

Matthew Backlund

Chief Lending Officer
William Wang, Managing Director of HFG Trust

William Wang, CFP®

Managing Director, HFG Trust

Staci Leduc

Human Resources Director

Jamin Clark

Mortgage Department Manager

Forrest Alexander

Business Development Director
Kevin Floyd, Director of Investments at HFG Trust

Kevin Floyd, CFA, CFP®, AIF®

Director of Investments

John Stadsvold, CTFA, AEP®

Senior Trust Officer

Ben Messinger, CFP®

Financial Advisor
Michael Tallman, CFP®, CTFA

Michael Tallman, CFP®, CTFA

Financial Advisor
Bob Lagonegro, Financial Advisor at HFG Trust

Bob Lagonegro, CFP®, CPCU

Financial Advisor
Stephen Palm, CFP® Financial Advisor and 401(k) Specialist at HFG Trust

Stephen Palm, CFP®

Financial Advisor
Megan Nichols, Financial Advisor at HFG Trust

Megan Nichols, CFP®

Financial Advisor
Rick Prime, Financial Advisor at HFG Advisors, an HFG Trust company

Rick Prime, CFP®

Financial Advisor
Paul Hansen, Financial Advisor at HFG Trust

K. Paul Hansen, CFP®, CPA

Financial Advisor
Anthony Smith, Portfolio Manager and Financial Advisor at HFG Trust

Anthony Smith, CFA, CFP®

Financial Advisor
Brent Schafer, CFP®, Financial Advisor

Brent Schafer, CFP®

Wealth Planning Manager & Financial Advisor
Nicholas Hengl is a financial advisor for HFG Trust Advisors, specializing in financial planning in the Berkeley, California and surrounding San Francisco area.

Nicholas Hengl

Financial Advisor

Cody Beaumont, CPA, CFP®

Financial Advisor

Nicholas Haberling

Partnership Advisor

Brenda Bravo

Branch Manager, Pasco

Margarita Gourley

Branch Manager, Richland

Danielle King

Branch Manager, Kennewick

Jared Waibel

Branch Manager, Connell

Molly Kunkel

Branch Manager, Connell

Miriam Coffman

Relationship Manager

Antoinette Burnside

Product Manager

Melissa Callaway

Director of Credit Administration

Cameron Stephens

Business Banking Team Lead

Russ Prince

Credit Manager

Rick Pullen

Construction & Consumer Banker

David Doak

Business Banker

Amanda Jones

Business Banker

Jesus Melendez

Business Banker

Cassandra Arey

Business Banker

Dora Castaneda

Mortgage Consultant

Derek Robinson

Mortgage Consultant

Heather Lee

Mortgage Consultant

Max Lucas

Mortgage Consultant

Sebastian Vijil

Mortgage Consultant
Photo of Morgan Smith, Managing Director of Alternative Investment for HFG Trust in Lake Oswego, Oregon.

Morgan Smith

Managing Director, Alternative Investment
Photo of Carrie Lucas, Head of Operations, Alternative Investment at Community First Bank | HFG Trust in Lake Oswego, Oregon.

Carrie Lucas

Head of Operations, Alternative Investment

Kyle Blain

Senior Loan Officer, Alternative Investment
Photo of Jonna Cyr, Underwriter for the Alternative Investment division of Community First Bank | HFG Trust in Lake Oswego, Oregon.

Jonna Cyr

Underwriter, Alternative Investment
Photo of Lixin Malmros, Controller at HFG Trust in Lake Oswego, Oregon.

Lixin Malmros

Controller, Alternative Investment

Andrew Bellon

Private Banking Relationship Manager

Tracy Henry

Senior Personal Banker, Kennewick

Karen R Leiby

Personal Banker, Pasco

Rachael Gonzales

Relationship Banker, Kennewick

Rikki Spears

Personal Banker, Richland

Jennifer Pautz

Personal Banker, Kennewick

Mary Ann Goebel

Trust Operations Specialist

Rebecca Martindale

Wealth Planner
Photo of Aaron McGaughey is a Wealth Planner at HFG Trust in Kennewick, Washington

Aaron McGaughey

Wealth Planner
Photo of Tyler Pearson a Wealth Planner at HFG Trust

Tyler Pearson

Wealth Planner

Evelyn Ramos

Wealth Planner

Jacob Marcusen

Client Services Manager

Allison Smith

Senior Client Service Consultant

Martha Gonzalez

Client Services Consultant

Jennie Prince

Client Services Consultant

Samantha Barham

Client Service Consultant

Shaina Anderson

Client Services Consultant

Olivia Ransier

Client Services Representative

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