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we are HFG

Your Financial
Partner For Life

Our mission is to be Your Financial Partner For Life.

This means that we strive to take care of all of your financial needs under one roof. Our team of experts work collaboratively to form a truly holistic counsel to ensure you receive sound advice, precise execution, and most importantly, world-class service. An entry-to-exit service offering means we have the capacity to cater to your needs through every stage of life.

At HFG, we firmly believe that it all begins with establishing a clear vision of your personal goals. With this purpose, we combine fiduciary advice and experience-led execution to build a roadmap that guides you through every stage of your life.

Whether it is opening your first investment account or establishing a trust to preserve your legacy, we have you covered.

Photo of HFG Trust financial advisors (left to right) Paul Hansen, Bob Lagonegro, and Stephen Palm sitting and standing at wooden desk in large conference room.


"At HFG, our core values center on solving problems. Our ethos is to be our clients' Financial Partner For Life. It's difficult to accomplish a mission like this if you don't put your clients ahead of yourself."

- William Wang, CFP®, Managing Director

William Wang, CFP
Managing Director

our process

get to know each other

Discuss values, goals, and get to know family.

gather information

Acquire financial and personal information. Become familiar with client's financial health. 

develop a financial plan & investment strategy

Present a comprehensive analysis of current investment holdings and begin work on a wealth management plan.

Implement Plan

Both parties understand their responsibilities and have agreed to proceed with the financial plan.


Monitor Plan

Provide performance measurement and track progress toward goals on a regular basis. 

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Our Team

J. Tyler Haberling, CFP®

Founder, Board Member

William Wang, CFP®

Managing Director, HFG Trust

Kevin Floyd, CFA, CFP®, AIF®

Director of Investments

Ben Messinger, CFP®

Financial Advisor

Michael Tallman, CFP®, CTFA®

Senior Trust Officer

Bob Lagonegro, CFP®, CTFA®

Financial Advisor

Stephen Palm, CFP®

Financial Advisor

Megan Nichols, CFP®

Financial Advisor

Richard Prime, CFP®

Financial Advisor

K. Paul Hansen, CFP®, CPA

Financial Advisor

Anthony Smith, CFA®

Portfolio Manager & Financial Advisor

Brent Schafer, CFP®

Financial Advisor

Caroline Bettendorf

Operations Manager

Nicholas Haberling

Partnership Advisor

Allison Smith

Senior Client Service Consultant

Janice Wilson

Senior Client Service Consultant

Martha Gonzalez

Client Services Consultant

Jennie Prince

Client Services Consultant

Jacob Marcusen

Client Services Consultant

Amelia Reams

Client Services Representative