The power of banking at your fingertips

We have a variety of training resources available to help you navigate Online Banking and Mobile Banking, and use its tools and features to take more control over your personal and business finances.

For direct Online Banking support contact our dedicated Online Banking team at 509.783.0955

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Your financial safety matters.

Our security tools work 24/7 to keep your accounts safe - so you can take a well-earned break.

Our behavioral analytics-driven security is always alert and always learning. It responds quickly - stopping suspicious transactions before they can be completed.


You - and your money - are safe with us.

For direct Online Banking support contact our dedicated Online Banking team at 509.783.0955

What's New To Online Banking?

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Single Pane Of Glass

We have taken a ‘Single Pane of Glass’ approach to finding a solution that would help our clients visualize their entire financial well-being and find access to all their different accounts with us.

Now when clients login to the homepage of their account whether online or through our mobile app, all wealth management, checking, savings, and lending accounts can be viewed simultaneously, wherever you go.

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Customize Your Experience

Our new online banking platform allows you to customize how your account looks and functions, making what is important to front and center.

Reorder and nickname how accounts appear on the homepage, set up automatic payments, schedule transfers, and more! These customization options are available to help make managing your finances a little more simpler.

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Powerful features from any device

Once signed in from your desktop computer or mobile phone, devices added and recognized by our online banking system will allow for you to seamlessly bank from any of your personal devices.

This also allows for many of the same powerful banking features that were once only available on your desktop computer, can now be used on your mobile smartphone as well. Banking from anywhere made easier.

Online Banking User Guides

The Online Banking user guides provide in-depth instructions on how to make the most out of your banking experience. Depending on your banking needs, there are both Personal Banking and Business Banking guides available below.

Video Tutorial Library

Our Online Banking video tutorial library hosts step-by-step instructional videos for Personal Banking, Business Banking and Cash Management processes.

Online Banking Webinars

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Download our new mobile app

If you have not yet updated or downloaded our new mobile banking app, visit the Google Play and Apple App stores.

For our clients who use both personal and business banking and previously used two separate apps, we are making things a little simpler by using one, single mobile app to house all of your accounts in the same location!