Entrepreneurs face key decision points. The first is the decision to start a business, then as growth takes off whether you should hire an employee, and eventually an exit plan. This is no different for financial advisors who have built successful RIAs.

At HFG we are seeking partnerships with successful fee-based advisors in the western half of the United States who are interested in joining us for succession planning, scalability, and growth.

Along with our dedicated support team, you will be joining a firm made up of Certified Financial Planners™ that is built to grow alongside yourself and your team, providing the best possible service to new and existing clients.


Nicholas Haberling

Partnership Advisor

Have you been considering a partner firm

Have your job responsibilities evolved into something you no longer enjoy?

Do you have the time, energy, interest, capital, and know-how to take you business to the next level?

Do you have a solid plan to diversify and extract the equity you've worked so hard to build?

Are you confident that when the day comes for you to retire, your clients will still enjoy the same level of service?

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More than an RIA

Same commitment to excellence with a greater toolkit for financial planning

Your Story

If you’re reading this, you likely have years or even decades of experience in the financial planning industry. You’ve built hundreds of memorable client relationships and a successful company.

But you’re planning to retire soon, looking for a team you can join on a glidepath to retirement, or perhaps want to expand growth opportunities with a larger organization. When searching for a succession or business partner you want an organization that rewards you for the business you’ve built, will take care of your employees, provide additional services to your clients, and expand your legacy.

If that’s you, we think you’ll find a home at HFG Trust. 

The Challenge

Most financial advisors sell only one business in their lifetime: their own RIA. The challenges financial advisors face in this arena are wide ranging but are typically economic, technical, and social.

From an economic perspective an RIA is usually an advisor’s most valuable asset. When examining any transaction an advisor must determine whether they are receiving fair value for their business, if incentives among all parties are aligned, and capacity to pay.

Technical challenges can be like death by a thousand cuts. Many items are easy to overlook yet all are important and can hinder a partnership. Sale Agreements must be negotiated, custodian integration planned, records retained, API infrastructure outlined, amongst many other tasks.

Lastly, we reach the social challenges. Change is difficult and advisors have only one opportunity to communicate it. A failure to plan communications can lead to a loss of clients, employees, and trust.

Why HFG Trust

Any financial advisor exploring a transition should have a trusted partner. HFG Trust has the experience and infrastructure to navigate the economic, technical, and social challenges that can arise in a transition.


HFG Trust has been expanding our industry’s frontier since the 1980s with our Founder Ty Haberling’s early adoption of the CFP®, to becoming an RIA in the early 1990s, to adopting the fee only standard, and finally to our transition as a trust company. Our clients, communities, and other financial advisors have noticed this innovation. We are experienced in practice transitions and have a dedicated support team to handle integration.


HFG Trust has a depth of personnel and resources that is uncommon in financial planning. Our financial advisory team consists of nine Certified Financial Planners™, two CFAs, and one CPA. Each financial advisor is supported by our Advisor Pod design which includes a wealth planner and client service team member. We have multiple custodian relationships and a technology stack including a Bloomberg Terminal, Tamarac, Dynamics, Right Capital, and Morningstar Direct.


HFG Trust has been in business for over 38 years and has maintained a culture that is authentic, client centric, team oriented, and committed to advisor education. Our investment philosophy is defined by rigorous examination of academic and evidence-based factors.

The Plan

Even during our initial conversations with advisors and firms, we have a defined process to understand your business, determine if there is a partnership fit, and navigate complexities that can arise.


Despite being headquartered in eastern Washington, we often hear that HFG Trust embodies Midwestern values. We want to partner with advisors and firms that share our strong work ethic, integrity, and are client and team oriented.


We want to ensure we view client services and portfolio theory the same way. HFG Trust believes in the fiduciary, fee-only standard, and we are not active money managers.


After determining there is a cultural, client services, and investment philosophy fit, we arrive at the next phase. Valuation structure and agreements must be negotiated, and compliance maintained in various regulatory environments.


Communicating the transition to clients and employees as well as planning the integration of HR, accounting systems, trading, technology, and custodial relationships. We are then ready to execute the plan and a smooth transition.


One of the last questions we ask advisors and firms during our first meeting is, if they choose to partner with us, what would a successful partnership look like for them five years in the future?

Answers vary, but here are some common themes:

  • Reducing responsibility and creating freedom to pursue new client relationships and invest in existing relationships
  • Growth and flourishing of employees
  • Enhanced client experience and new services
  • Being part of a team with shared values

A measure of success we would like to add is the sustainable growth of each advisor and office that joins us. Each advisor and office has a treasured legacy, your story. We would be honored to have the opportunity to expand such a legacy in your community.


Our Employees Are Our Greatest Asset

An organization that is built on values, innovation, and a passion for serving clients is often difficult to duplicate.

At Community First Bank & HFG Trust, we believe that meeting our clients’ needs with the right service at the right time is an essential part of reaching our mission to become their Financial Partner For Life.

To meet this goal, our organization aims to build a team that reflects the culture and work ethic of individuals who consistently aim to further the professional development of themselves and the team around them.

If this describes you, visit our Careers page to see what opportunities are open to you.

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