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Preserve your legacy. As Your Financial Partner For Life, we are committed to enhancing our clients’ lives by providing fiduciary-centered advice. Our trust and estate services focus on wealth preservation strategies that include strategic estate and tax planning. By designating HFG Trust as your corporate fiduciary, you can be confident we will help you implement the legacy you want to leave, while eliminating the emotional burden to your loved ones.

trust services

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Trust Services

Trust Services

  • Trustee Services

  • Trust Administration

  • Special Needs Trusts

  • Power of Attorney (Acting as Attorney-in-Fact)

  • Assistance to Create a Legacy Financial Plan or Succession Plan for Beneficiaries

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Estate Planning & Services

Estate Planning & Services

  • Personal Representative or Executor

  • Probate Assistance

  • Hoarder Assistance

  • Estate Sales

  • Downsizing Sales

  • Sale of Home or Other Personal Property

  • Consulting Available

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Tax Planning & Charitable Giving

Tax Planning & Charitable Giving

  • Fiduciary centered advice

  • Maximize Your Tax Benefits While Supporting Your Favorite Charities

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Custody of Special Assets

Custody of Special Assets

  • Complimentary review of current documents

  • Assistance in Working with Attorney to Ensure Financial and Tax Planning Goals Are Achieved

The Details

Who Needs A Trust?

Who Needs A Trust?

You may benefit from a trust if:

  • Your beneficiaries are not ready to receive a lump sum inheritance (including grandchildren)
  • You own a real property in multiple states
  • Your total estate is above the estate tax exemption limits. (In Washington state, the 2020 the limit is $2.193M)
  • You require asset protection from creditors
  • You want to provide asset protection for a surviving spouse
  • You have a beneficiary who has special needs (including substance abuse and addiction)
  • A beneficiary is incarcerated
  • You are concerned about your beneficiaries' spouse(s)
  • You have a blended family
  • You may need protection from unintentional disinheritance
  • You want to eliminate opportunities for a family feud or emotional stress

Keep in mind that not every situation will require a trust.

It's best to speak with your advisor and attorney to determine which estate planning documents are necessary.


Why Would Someone Want To Designate A Trust Company As Trustee?

Why Would Someone Want To Designate A Trust Company As Trustee?

If you create a trust, you name a trustee - someone who holds title to a property and/or asset and manages or distributes them according to your wishes. We have a fiduciary responsibility to carry out your wishes, but without the emotional cost to family members.

We call this a FACT: 

  • Fair- We follow the instructions in the document, as you want them to be carried out.
  • Affordable - Our minimum fee is $3,750, with no additional fess for managing financial assets.*
  • Compassionate - We understand the sensitive nature of managing your estate.
  • Trusted - You can trust us to carry out your wishes, without any emotional toll. 

*Charges for property managers, required real estate appraisals, inspections, environmental surveys, and tax returns prepared by outside accounting firms will be deducted from the trust.

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Trust Services

The Basics

Through our trust services, we offer an array of tools and resources to help manage your personal finances and wealth to benefit the loved ones you leave behind. Hear from our Trust Services Team to learn more about the basics of creating and maintaining a trust and how to decide whether opening a trust is best for you.

Trust Services Team

John Stadsvold, CTFA, AEP®

Senior Trust Officer
Michael Tallman, CFP®, CTFA

Michael Tallman, CFP®, CTFA

Financial Advisor
Bob Lagonegro, Financial Advisor at HFG Trust

Bob Lagonegro, CFP®, CPCU

Financial Advisor

Mary Ann Goebel

Trust Operations Specialist

Allison Smith

Senior Client Service Consultant