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Financial Planning

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Your Financial Partner For Life


Successful investing begins with a thorough understanding of your financial goals. HFG Trust provides access to a customized roadmap based on your individual needs. Building wealth is much more than putting money away every year—it involves maximizing tax regulations and managing risk. We offer a wide range of planning services that focus on estate, tax, insurance, and charitable strategies to help keep you on track to achieve your long-term goals.

Key Planning Disciplines

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Creating an estate plan can help manage and designate the valuable assets you leave behind and provide the next steps for how each type of asset will transition to your beneficiaries.

Our advisors assist clients with resourcing the required documents for a successful estate plan, allocation of individual endowments to each benefactor, as well as utilizing tax strategies to ensure your loved ones gain the most from their inheritance.

Services such as estate sale assistance, probate assistance, and the sale of a home or other personal property are also offered.


While financial debt is a common burden for many Americans, implementing the right strategy to pay it off can often be complex and time-consuming.


Our financial advisors meet with clients to go over their individual interest rates and types of debt accumulated, such as credit card debt, personal loans, and medical bills. We work with creditors on behalf of our clients to craft a repayment plan that fits within their monthly budget, allowing them to begin their journey toward a successful financial future.


Tax planning is a multifaceted process that can be both complex and delicate. In order to offer a truly comprehensive wealth management experience, our advisors work in concert with your CPA to provide you with the peace of mind that comes with knowing you are maximizing deductions, contributing to the right tax-efficient accounts, and implementing the strategies that will most positively impact your long-term wealth. 


As a locally owned business, we are proud to have a history deeply rooted in our community. Whether your philanthropic goals are close to home or abroad, we are here to ensure you leave behind the legacy you envision by creating a financial plan tailored to support what matters most to you. From creating your own foundation to utilizing a donor-advised fund, our advisors are equipped to help you navigate the philanthropic landscape while maximizing the impact of your gifts.


Early planning can be the key to successfully tackling the rising cost of college. Whether your child is entering kindergarten or preparing for high school graduation, our advisors are here to provide you with custom solutions without risking your financial future.


We provide business owners with products and services needed to successfully manage assets and plan for the future. Our team of experts works with you one-on-one to develop a comprehensive qualified plan tailored to accomplish the goals you have set for your business, your employees, and your family. While succession planning can be a deeply emotional process, our advisors will address the unique needs of your business in order to reduce anxiety and provide financial peace of mind to help transition your business to the next phase.


Retirement planning is the centerpiece of your financial plan. It begins with identifying key goals and objectives and building a funding strategy to suit your unique needs. Our value comes from quantifying your On Track status and determining whether adjustments need to be made.


There are many different types of investment accounts with varying tax treatments and regulatory guidelines. We simplify these for you and help you select the appropriate one based on the goals you have identified.


Cash management is a financial strategy that can be utilized for personal and business banking needs to maximize your available funds while balancing the known and unknown costs of your future.


Being able to meet your cost obligations while maintaining a healthy cash flow for regular expenses and investments is a key function of cash management. Our team offers sound advice when it comes to managing receivables and payables, maintaining liquidity for unforeseen expenses, and how to best handle idle funds that can be reinvested to grow your personal wealth or business.


Healthcare continues to be one of the most costly areas of retirement, but planning now can help you with these expenses in the future.


As we age, much of our cost of living depends on the amount of money we spend on healthcare each year. Working with our financial advisors, clients are able to plan for medical expenses that may become more frequent later in life, such as reoccurring office visits and prescriptions.


While creating a personalized, in-depth risk management strategy is one of the most valuable things you can do for yourself and your family, identifying the right home, life, disability, and liability insurance policies can be a daunting process. Our advisors are here to not only identify your areas of risk but to connect you with an agent equipped to provide you with the safeguards you need to minimize the financial impact of unforeseen, adverse life events.

Community Story


Rick and Joanne first came to HFG Trust in 1988, bringing with them their life’s savings. Together, they worked with their advisor, Mike Tallman, CFP®, CTFA, to create a custom financial plan that would allow them to leave the workforce at the age of 57 without making any compromises when it came to their lifestyle in retirement.