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Successful Investing

Applied to the Real World is the Foundation of our Philosophy.

HFG crafts customized investment portfolios underpinned by thoughtful diversification and risk mitigation in the pursuit of an exceptional investment experience.
That means more than just returns. It means offering peace of mind because investors know that a transparent process backed by decades of research is powering every decision. Our goal is to help people live better—not just years from now, but today.

investing on facts

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Emotions are an important aspect of many parts of life; however overall strategic investment decisions should be based on objective facts, not emotions.

Unexpected risk and ultimately selling at an inopportune time is the primary reason investors abandon their investment strategy and fail to accomplish their financial goals.

Diversify among and within asset classes. A globally diversified portfolio of stocks, fixed income, and alternative investments, with a preference toward undervalued and uncorrelated investments historically has provided an enhanced risk adjusted return over various market cycles.

Systematically take advantage of buying investments when they go down (become cheaper), and capture gains as they increase, all while keeping the portfolio at the appropriate risk level. This is also known as “buy low and sell high."

Utilizing expensive and non-tax efficient investments ultimately reduces your return.

The goal of investing is not to achieve the highest returns, it’s to accomplish your financial goals and provide peace of mind. Our role is to ensure our financial advice and portfolio management dependably helps you accomplish your financial goals.

How We Help Manage Your Portfolio

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Portfolio evaluation

Portfolio evaluation

  • Review and analyze current investment portfolio for investment opportunities
  • Understand how this portfolio fits into your overall financial picture now and into the future
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Portfolio Transition

Portfolio Transition

  • Establish custodial relationships and organize portfolio transition
  • Design investment portfolio and overall tax efficient transfer
  • Document the Investment Policy Statement
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Portfolio Management

Portfolio Management

  • Proactively manage and monitor portfolio
  • Methodically rebalance and manage the portfolio risk level
  • Reduce fees and limit taxes where possible
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Portfolio Review

Portfolio Review

  • Review investment holdings and activity
  • Confirm current risk level is appropriate based on your financial situation / plan
  • Make any updates or adjustments if needed

investment team

Our dedicated Investment Committee oversees strategic allocation, while providing active monitoring, oversight, and investment sourcing.

Ty Haberling, founder and financial advisor at HFG Trust

J. Tyler Haberling, CFP®

Founder, Board Member
William Wang, Managing Director of HFG Trust

William Wang, CFP®

Managing Director, HFG Trust
Kevin Floyd, Director of Investments at HFG Trust

Kevin Floyd, CFA, CFP®, AIF®

Director of Investments

John Stadsvold, CTFA, AEP®

Senior Trust Officer

Ben Messinger, CFP®

Financial Advisor
Michael Tallman, CFP®, CTFA

Michael Tallman, CFP®, CTFA

Financial Advisor
Bob Lagonegro, Financial Advisor at HFG Trust

Bob Lagonegro, CFP®, CPCU

Financial Advisor
Stephen Palm, CFP® Financial Advisor and 401(k) Specialist at HFG Trust

Stephen Palm, CFP®

Financial Advisor
Megan Nichols, Financial Advisor at HFG Trust

Megan Nichols, CFP®

Financial Advisor
Rick Prime, Financial Advisor at HFG Advisors, an HFG Trust company

Rick Prime, CFP®

Financial Advisor
Paul Hansen, Financial Advisor at HFG Trust

K. Paul Hansen, CFP®, CPA

Financial Advisor
Anthony Smith, Portfolio Manager and Financial Advisor at HFG Trust

Anthony Smith, CFA, CFP®

Financial Advisor