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Financial Planning

How to Find the Best Fiduciary Financial Advisor for You

Ben Messinger Financial Advisor HFG Trust

Managing personal finance is a journey, and just like any journey, it can be beneficial to have a trusted guide. A fiduciary financial advisor facilitates this role by providing expertise and dedication aligned with your needs and objectives. Today, we’re covering what distinguishes a fiduciary financial advisor from non-fiduciaries and how to find the right […]

Three Reasons Why You Need to Participate in Your Company’s 401k Plan

Tyler Pearson, Wealth Planner at HFG Trust and a member of the 401k team

In 1970 more than 45% of all private sector employees in the United States were covered by some kind of pension plan. As of 2022, that number is around 4%. What does this dramatic difference mean for the present-day worker? Well, the truth is, the next generation of retirees will rely on their own savings […]

What is a Fiduciary?

The author, Mike Tallman, Financial Advisor at HFG Trust.

Understanding the role and responsibilities of a fiduciary and their importance. A fiduciary is someone who manages assets on behalf of an individual, family, or company and is required to act in their best interest. Examples of fiduciary professions include financial advisors, board members, attorneys, and trust officers. When named a fiduciary, by law you […]

A Penny Saved is a Degree Earned: Education Savings Options in Washington State

Rebecca Martindale Wealth Planner HFG Trust

I consider education to be one of the most important investments that a person can make. Unfortunately, education costs have grown exponentially, with tuition prices jumping 178% since 2000. With this pace of education inflation, it is not surprising that many families view student loans as the only way to get their child across the […]

Everything Millennials Should Know About Starting a 401(k)

Jacob Marcusen Client Services Manager HFG Trust

Saving for retirement is one of the most important things that a millennial can do for their future. Even though retirement is years away, saving should start as early as possible. Early retirement without the worry of money may be ideal, but the truth is it takes hard work and a lot of time. Having […]

Keys to Financial Planning for Single Adults

Over 25% of my clients are single adults or couples who are preparing for one spouse to live much longer than the other. I spend a significant amount of time assisting them with the unique issues they face. Like all of us, they want to wisely invest their money, mitigate taxes, take care of their […]

Things to Consider Before Moving Out of State

The ability to work remote is an amazing thing. As I write this, my team leader is working temporarily in Arizona, my teammate is working from Washington, and I am currently residing in California. Even hundreds of miles apart, we can work seamlessly without a hiccup. This newly found freedom is becoming common and has […]

Quarterly Market Review – Q4 2021

2021 ended with COVID continuing to occupy the headlines with a seemingly endless type of variant. However, similar to 2020, if you just observed news headlines, the prospect of a strong return for the market would seem to be very slim.

Why We Stay Globally Diversified in Shifting Markets

Markets do ebb and flow over time – but there are periods in time when prices can get excessively high, particularly in the growth corner of the market, like we see today. We have made a conscious effort to tilt portfolios to value companies, the type of companies that have outperformed growth companies by roughly 20-30% over the past century.

A Financial Advisor’s Guide to Holiday Shopping

Megan Nichols Financial Advisor HFG Trust

Even though there is a ton of advice floating around about how to be financially successful, many people still struggle with managing their money. The truth is, financial success doesn’t need to be complicated, time consuming, or overly restrictive.