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Financial Planning

Remarried? Follow These 3 Steps to Avoid Disinheriting Your Children

man and woman holding hands looking at a form unintentional inheritance HFG Trust

I first started working on earning the CFP® designation about a month after I joined HFG Trust in October of 2018. Not only is the CFP® coursework extensive, it also requires that the individual conduct business in a fiduciary capacity. I was drawn to the fact that the certification itself requires you to put the interests of the client ahead of your own. It was difficult. But after everything is all said and done, I am better for it and more prepared to provide our clients with the service they deserve.

Holiday Gifts That Pay Dividends In The Long Run

Christmas online shopping for holiday gifts HFG Trust

For all the reasons that need not be rehashed in this space, 2020 has been a year that we’ll always remember. But even still, the calendar marches on toward cooler weather and the celebration of the winter holidays. Regardless of whether you choose to spend this time with loved ones in person or virtually, the holiday […]

Are Weddings A Waste Of Money?

wedding of Brent Schafer and his wife HFG Trust

2020 has been a crazy year. But with all that has happened in recent memory, there has been some good that has come during this pandemic. For me, this included celebrating my marriage in October to my college sweetheart, Joslyn. Even though it was all a blur, it was a wonderful day spent with friends and […]

3 Facts to Consider When Investing During an Election Year

American flag waving on the car during United States Presidential election 2020 HFG Trust

Uncertainty surrounding the future of our country’s political direction can make it difficult to feel comfortable making financial decisions leading up to November elections. With two presidential candidates who have entirely different views, it only makes sense that investors might be leery of putting money into the market. Some might even consider taking money out. […]