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SECURE Act 2.0: Updates To Retirement Savings for 2024

Tyler Pearson, Wealth Planner at HFG Trust and a member of the 401k team

The SECURE Act 2.0 was signed into law on December 29th, 2022, and the legislation is introducing updates and changes affecting employer-sponsored retirement plans, many of which becoming effective in 2024. These amendments aim to enhance retirement savings opportunities for American workers and offer employers more flexibility in providing retirement benefits. The SECURE Act 2.0 […]

The Benefits of Hiring a 401(k) Fiduciary Advisor

Stephen Palm Financial Advisor HFG Trust

The 401(k) is the most popular retirement plan companies use to provide tax-advantage investment and retirement savings opportunities for their employees. The 401(k) plan has grown in popularity over the last 45 years, and it is the most widely used financial tool for most Americans building the wealth and income they need for retirement. Yet, […]

401(k) Services for Small Businesses: Solutions and Options

Megan Nichols Financial Advisor HFG Trust

Unlocking Retirement Solutions: The Power of 401(k) for Small Businesses Today, small businesses have access to affordable, easy to design 401(k) plans to help attract and retain quality employees. Business owners can reduce their tax liability and save for their own retirement, diversifying their wealth outside of their business, while offering a meaningful benefit to […]

Three Reasons Why You Need to Participate in Your Company’s 401k Plan

Tyler Pearson, Wealth Planner at HFG Trust and a member of the 401k team

In 1970 more than 45% of all private sector employees in the United States were covered by some kind of pension plan. As of 2022, that number is around 4%. What does this dramatic difference mean for the present-day worker? Well, the truth is, the next generation of retirees will rely on their own savings […]

Everything Millennials Should Know About Starting a 401(k)

Jacob Marcusen Client Services Manager HFG Trust

Saving for retirement is one of the most important things that a millennial can do for their future. Even though retirement is years away, saving should start as early as possible. Early retirement without the worry of money may be ideal, but the truth is it takes hard work and a lot of time. Having […]

Rolling Over an Old 401(k) – Beyond the Transfer

Stephen Palm Financial Advisor HFG Trust

One great thing about employer retirement accounts is they are portable when you transition to a new employer or retire. But understanding the factors you need to be aware of and deciding what you should do with an old 401(k) is important. Below, we will identify your options for old accounts, address the reasons to […]

CARES Act Part IV: COVID-19-Related Distributions & Loans

Stephen Palm Financial Advisor HFG Trust

The CARES Act creates distribution and loan opportunities of up to $100,000 from IRAs, employer sponsored retirement plans, or a combination of both for those impacted by COVID-19. Distributions It appears the intent was to make this provision broadly available. To qualify for a Coronavirus-related distribution you must have been impacted in one of the […]

Teamwork is at the Heart of All Great Achievements

thrive awards logo HFG Trust

It is fitting as we close the year to reflect on some of our accomplishments and experiences from 2019. In November, HFG Trust was nominated for the prestigious Wealth Management Thrive Award, recognizing the fastest growing advisory firms in the nation as calculated by McKinsey & Company’s PriceMetrix. We were fortunate and humbled to be […]

Tax Tips: 3 Reasons to Consider Adding an HSA to Your Tax Planning Strategy

HSA health savings account personal banking HFG Trust

Most employers require you to select your benefits package during an open enrollment period each fall, and this is a key opportunity to make some tax saving decisions. Most W-2 wage employees are aware of the importance of contributing to their 401(k) plan each year, but are they missing out on an even better tax […]