Teamwork is at the Heart of All Great Achievements

William Wang

It is fitting as we close the year to reflect on some of our accomplishments and experiences from 2019. In November, HFG Trust was nominated for the prestigious Wealth Management Thrive Award, recognizing the fastest growing advisory firms in the nation as calculated by McKinsey & Company’s PriceMetrix. We were fortunate and humbled to be named alongside nationally renowned firms, like Mercer Advisors and Polaris Greystone.

It’s easy to get carried away with achievements like these; and all too often, leaders over-allocate credit to themselves. But in reality, no great achievement in business, sports, or life is ever done in a vacuum. Great athletes have coaches or rivals pushing them to new heights, just as carpenters have supportive partners and reliable suppliers to ensure they have the ability to perform their technical duties. In our case, this achievement was a great culmination of team effort.

In 2018, our company started a new journey that was referred to throughout our halls as being our clients’ “Financial Partner for Life.” What has come from this mission has been the ability to provide a holistic and service oriented financial experience unlike any other. Today, with each of our departments working in unison, you can now:

  1. Open a bank account (personal or business)
  2. Receive a loan to buy your first, second, third, or even fourth home
  3. Apply for a business loan to open the doors to your dream job
  4. Establish a 401k plan for your company to ensure your staff are thinking towards the future
  5. Work with a wealth advisor to develop a fiduciary financial plan
  6. Work with an investment advisor to develop an investment strategy
  7. Receive guidance from a trust department to ensure your family legacy is preserved

And you can do all of this under one roof. HFG Trust represents only 30% of our mission, which means we could not have achieved this milestone without the help of our entire team. From bankers to lenders to advisors, everyone has contributed to the overall success of the company—simply put, this award wouldn’t have happened without them.

Finally, we want to thank our clients for the trust they bestow upon us. We dedicate our professional lives to taking care of their needs and we strive to continue earning that trust with every interaction. This award is a validation that we are moving in the right direction, and more importantly, it is motivation to continue building something that cannot be defined by dollars and cents.

“Every time you spend money, you’re casting a vote for the kind of world you want.” – Anna Lappe

William Wang, CFP®