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The Price of Gold is Rising, But Does it Still Pay to Invest?

With a price increase of 29% this year through September 15, gold has been shimmering brightly in 2020. Meanwhile, the S&P 500, a broad measure of stock market performance, was up about 7% during the same period. COVID-related economic contraction and investor uncertainty has kept a lid on stock prices while pushing investors to seek gold.

Trust Services: Planning a Successful Estate Sale

The author, Mike Tallman, Financial Advisor at HFG Trust.

Senior Trust Officer Mike Tallman, CFP®, CTFA and Trust Administrator Jenny Hubbard visited the site of a recent estate sale to explain how our team inventories, distributes, and disposes of belongings left behind once someone passes.

Investing in the Next Generation

William Wang Managing Director for HFG Trust

Remember to offer others the same courtesy you were given as you transformed into the leader you are today. Invest in their development wholeheartedly and be courageously vulnerable with them. If we improve marginally each day, there is no doubt in my mind our community will be in great hands for generations to come, and our Just Cause intact for someone else to push forward.

2019 Business on a Roll Award

William Wang Managing Director for HFG Trust

What has driven our intensity to work and serve has been our mission and cause; and that passion is not limited to our CEO and executive management. It permeates through our entire organization and everyone that serves as part of the “whole.”

Investing For Nonprofits — Let Your Mission Be Your Guide

The specific mission of your nonprofit and how you go about that mission is unique to your organization. Similarly, while it might seem like there is a best practice for how all nonprofits should manage their investable assets, the truth is there is no single approach that works best.

The Critical Market Recovery Lesson of 2020

I’m sure 30 years from now the sting of 2020 will have faded, but there are a few things I hope we never forget. Some are even good things! Specifically, I am referring to the most amazing market recovery we have ever witnessed.