2019 Business on a Roll Award

William Wang

Community First Bank & HFG Trust Receive 2019 Business on a Roll Award


Aristotle once said, “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.”

While he may not have been referring specifically to the business world, the concept certainly applies: The output of a good team often exceeds the value of each of its individual members. Aristotle was clearly not a mathematician, but he did understand human chemistry.

In 2019, we put our inspired team to work focusing on our mission to be our clients’ Financial Partner For Life. We’re fortunate this mission has not only been well-received by our community, but that what culminated as a result was great revenue growth. For context, at the beginning of 2019, our bank assets were a little over $320MM. Today we sit at over $420MM. Wealth management managed a little over $360MM in 2016; and despite the market decline in March, that number has grown to $806MM as of the 2nd quarter.

Without a doubt, the progress measured by revenue and assets is a great accomplishment. But for many of us, the numbers were not at our minds’ forefront until receiving the 2019 Business on a Roll award. What has driven our intensity to work and serve has been our mission and cause; and that passion is not limited to our CEO and executive management. It permeates through our entire organization and everyone that serves as part of the “whole.” This Business on a Roll award was possible because every team member steps up each day and does their part. From a Client Service Specialist assisting with new accounts, to a financial advisor helping a client retire by their target date, each role is equally critical to our mission.

A picture of Jesus Higareda, owner of Supermex El Pueblo grocery market, stands in front of a fruit stand beside his commercial banker Jesus Melendez.
Jesus Higareda, owner of Supermex El Pueblo Market takes his banker to work.
(Pictured: Jesus Melendez, Commercial Lender, VP, NMLS# 641067)
A triangular, glass award trophy, naming Community First Bank & HFG Trust as the Tri-Cities Regional Chamber of Commerce's 2019 Business on a Roll recipient.
2019 Business on a Roll Award
Community First Bank | HFG Trust

Presented by:
Tri-Cities Regional Chamber of Commerce

I’m often asked what being Your Financial Partner For Life means, and the definition is quite simple: It is the act of providing the right advice, at the right time, in order to increase our clients’ chances of attaining their goals. In this definition, our use of the term “act” is very intentional. We remind our team every day that being a partner for life is not a destination, but rather a mission that has no end, and that is why it is so special. It is the practice of doing the right thing repeatedly; and when we as individuals are no longer here, our organization will continue to carry that torch for us.

Why do we do it? You can call us idealists, but we believe a financially strong family equates to a financially strong nation. We hope for a future where every family has the financial support and education they need to prosper, and that is a cause worth fighting for. We intend on being the Tri-Cities’ financial partner for the next 100 years and this award tells us that we’re on the right track. So, thank you to the Tri-Cities Chamber of Commerce for the acknowledgement and to all who have supported us in this endeavor.

Will Wang, CFP®