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The 2022 Housing Market: Inflation and Rising Mortgage Interest Rates

In December of 2021, announcements and speculations were made that pointed to higher interest rates for 2022.  Those announcements and speculations have proven to be true.  At the end of June 2022, the Consumer Price Index increased 9.1 percent over the previous 12 months – the highest since November 1981. What Causes Inflation? Inflation is […]

Hedging Against Rising Inflation

Tyler Pearson, Wealth Planner at HFG Trust and a member of the 401k team

With the latest annualized inflation rate in the United States eclipsing 8%, worry of how rising  inflation will affect personal finances only continues to grow across the country. Talk of rising inflation is everywhere; it is no wonder there is a lot of questions surrounding the topic of inflation. Will inflation get worse? When will […]

The Price of Gold is Rising, But Does it Still Pay to Invest?

With a price increase of 29% this year through September 15, gold has been shimmering brightly in 2020. Meanwhile, the S&P 500, a broad measure of stock market performance, was up about 7% during the same period. COVID-related economic contraction and investor uncertainty has kept a lid on stock prices while pushing investors to seek gold.