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Retirement Planning Guide

Your Retirement Journey Begins Here.

Planning for the life you want after work is essential.

Our Retirement Planning Guide dives into why American’s all over the country are deciding to retire earlier than expected and answers to questions you may not have considered before making the decision to leave the workforce.


Whether retirement is right around the corner or decades away, the first step towards living comfortably having peace of mind is creating a plan of action.


Our Certified Financial Planners™ work with you to create a customized roadmap towards retirement. Whether you are starting your journey or refining the strategies, we have a suite of financial tools to help you reach these goals.


There can be unforeseen obstacles on the road to financial prosperity. Some of the highest unplanned costs in retirement come in the form of healthcare and long-term care expenses. Let our experienced professionals work with you to ensure you and your family don’t become a statistic.


Most retirees, depending on their health, can expect to spend on average between


While some choose specialized investment portfolios, there are many options when it comes to investing towards retirement. What matters most is having a strategy that you relate with and understand. The best portfolio is the portfolio that you will see through.


The average amount in an IRA balance ($134,900) grew by 21% for Americans in 2021 when compared to the previous year. Average 401(k) accounts saw a bigger increase of 24%, growing to an average balance of $129,300. According to Morningstar, over the past decade, the average investor trailed index returns by 1.5% due to poor market timing.

HFG Trust Is Here For You

Most retirement plans fail due to poor forecasting, not poor planning. HFG Trust will craft a plan designed to fit your needs.

Our purpose is to provide holistic financial advice and services that enable individuals to achieve their goals so they can live the lives they envisioned.

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