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Investment Management


Partner For Life

Our mission is to be Your Financial Partner For Life. This means that we strive to take care of all your financial needs under one roof. Our team of experts work collaboratively to form a truly holistic counsel to ensure you receive sound advice, precise execution, and most importantly, world-class service. At HFG Trust, we firmly believe that it all begins with establishing a clear vision of your personal goals. With this purpose, we combine fiduciary advice and an entry-to-exit service to build a roadmap that guides you through every stage of your life

“As you progress in your career and life, compensation plans become less straightforward and financial management becomes an increased responsibility. At HFG Trust, we are here to simplify that responsibility and be your financial partner for life.”

Cody Beaumont, CPA, CFP®, Financial Advisor

Matthew Backlund Chief Lending Officer HFG Trust - Your financial partner for life