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White Paper

Where’s the Inflation? – June 2020

In response to the current global health crisis, monetary and fiscal stimulus measures have been taken to offset the severe negative consequences of widespread stay-at-home orders. However, despite these additional measures, inflation has been noticeably absent — failing to even meet the Federal Reserve’s inflation target of 2%. With more money now in circulation, why […]

Recent Market Decline: A Message from HFG Trust – October 2018

In the start of the 4th quarter, we appear to have gone from optimism to worry as US stocks have declined to prices we have not seen since mid-July. Favoring perspective over forecasting, CEO, Ty Haberling, discusses how this decline compares historically and the three principles HFG lives by when market volatility begins to lend more strength to emotion than to reason.

Avoiding the Next Super Bear Market by Learning from the Past – October 2014

Most investors anticipate having some exposure to market volatility – it is the nature of our business. But what happens when the average market decline of 27% suddenly doubles? CEO, Ty Haberling, analyzes the likelihood that you will experience a Super Bear Market in your lifetime and the steps HFG takes in order to reduce […]

Tapering or Tampering – October 2013

HFG Trust makes investment decisions based on what Crestmont Research has dubbed “Probable Outcomes”, but how are these outcomes forecasted? Ty Haberling, CEO, evaluates three different valuation methods and illustrates how correctly assessing the markets can protect us in the short run while giving us a glimpse into what future returns may be. [responsive-flipbook id=”white_paper-tapering_or_tampering”]

Calculating Total Investment Return – September 2015

Whether an investor is considering bonds, stocks, or real estate, one formula can be used to project the long-term Total Return per Year. Financial Advisor, Steve Palm breaks down income, growth of income, and price change and explains how these components are combined to determine your total investment return. [responsive-flipbook id=”igp_explained”]

“A Smooth Sea Never Made a Skillful Mariner” – December 2012

As memories of the 2008 economic and market decline fade from the public consciousness, CEO, Ty Haberling, dives into exactly how HFG Trust utilizes the investment climate to allocate your portfolio and the methods we are employing now to make our ship safer for rougher seas. [responsive-flipbook id=”white_paper:_a_smooth_sea_never_made_for_a_skillful_mariner”]

Is Factor Investing the Right Strategy for You? – September 2018

Active, Passive, or Factor Based Investing: Which strategy is right for you? In this article, President, Will Wang, looks at each option and explains the factors you should consider before making investment decisions. [responsive-flipbook id=”white_paper-is_factor_investing_the_right_strategy_for_you?”]

The ABC’s of Trusts

How to Minimize Taxes for the Affluent February 2017 Is your estate safe from state and federal inheritance taxes? President, Will Wang, explains how a Trust can empower you to protect your assets and give you peace of mind knowing exactly how your wealth will be distributed. [responsive-flipbook id=”white_paper_abcs”]