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Quarterly Market Reviews

QMR – 2019 Q1

With no decline in any major asset class and an increase in value for well diversified global stock portfolios, the first quarter of the year has reinforced the strongly held belief that markets in the short run are impractical to forecast. In this article, CEO, Ty Haberling points to possible reasons for this recovery, a […]

QMR – 2018 Q4

The ramifications of a tumultuous year were felt by many of us in 2018. President, Will Wang, aims to shift your focus from the dollar value you see on paper to something you can control: the financial and cash flow plan you have carefully crafted with your advisor. Our focus in this article is on HFG’s investment philosophy and the strategies we have developed to ensure sustainability over our client’s lifetime.

QMR – 2018 Q3

With a turbulent start to the 4th quarter, the tone of our message remains centered on one core strategy: buying assets at attractive prices and ignoring the outside noise circulating in the daily media. However, the last three months has everyone wondering, what sparked the recent price fall? In this article, President, Will Wang, discusses […]

QMR – 2018 Q2

How can investors maintain discipline through events that threaten progress toward their investment goals? In this issue, we identify the elements of an enduring investment philosophy and break down the formula most likely to produce favorable outcomes, despite interference by factors we cannot control. [responsive-flipbook id=”qmr-2018_q2″]

QMR – 2018 Q1

With the volatility of this quarter’s market still sitting, undimmed in our rear-view mirrors, CEO, Ty Haberling, discusses the evidence-based approach HFG employs during times of market uncertainty. While there are no absolutes in the investment journey, at HFG our clients can be confident their advisors are building equity strategies around the three factors that […]

QMR – 2017 Q4

With the year coming to an end, CEO, Ty Haberling echoes the sentiment he receives from many clients as it pertains to investing and the economy: “I want to know what you are thinking about”. While it is our goal to provide meaningful commentary each quarter, at HFG, we favor education over forecasting when it comes to predicting the near term. In this issue we look back on 2017, provide our perspective on company earnings and stock prices, and re-examine how we use market valuations to allocate assets.

QMR – 2017 Q3

Past economic growth, interest rate changes, and market returns: are they leading indicators of the direction of future returns or are they strictly rear view mirror information? In this issue, we discuss the complexities of competitive markets and how long-term goals, implementation, and patience each occupy a vital role in the construction of a well-balanced […]

QMR – 2017 Q2

The financial expert or the novice investor – who can better predict what the market will do next? Heading into the second quarter of the year, CEO, Ty Haberling, emphasizes HFG’s focus on the fundamentals of investing. Part art and part science, our advisors employ patience and logic to build a portfolio the client will […]

QMR – 2017 Q1

Time horizon, capital, and patience – three of the most important principles when it comes to making investment decisions. This quarter we evaluate forms of risk and how we should utilize these three principles to guide our investment strategies. [responsive-flipbook id=”qmr-2017_q1″]

QMR – 2016 Q4

Experts were wrong about the US election, the direction of the US stock market post-election, Brexit, and the Italian Reform Referendum. What does this tell us? In the 4th quarter, we take a look at short-term vs. long-term predictions as they relate to investing and see interest rates rise as International Markets take a hit.