Archived Quarterly Market Reviews

QMR – 2013 Q2

  • Discussion of Quantitative Easing (QE)
  • Investment climate update
  • Overview of valuation methods
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QMR – 2013 Q1

  • Equity returns 10-14%, respectively
  • International markets below 7%, as measured by the MSCI World Index
  • Potential causes of elevated stock market
  • HFG remains cautious in current investment climate
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QMR – 2012 Q4

  • Where HFG is placing its emphasis in the aftermath of the 2008 economic and market decline
  • HFG celebrates 30 years of business
  • Recognizing the investment climate
  • The use of actuaries to keep clients on track
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QMR – 2012 Q3

  • The Total Return equation used to explain historical returns and project future returns
  • The use of Attribution Analysis to explain differing returns
  • The likely scenario for stock market returns in the future
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QMR – 2012 Q2

  • What really matters when it comes to investing?
  • The unknowns
  • What we know
  • Market climate
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QMR – 2012 Q1

  • Current climate
  • My perspective
  • How do we assess the market today?
  • Where are P/E ratios today?
  • Our approach in this climate
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