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HFG Trust Acquires Prime Wealth Management


To Our HFG Trust Family,

I am pleased to announce the exciting news that our geographic base has expanded with the acquisition of Prime Wealth Management (PWM). An investment advisory firm founded by Rick Prime, CFP®, PWM has offices located in Berkeley, CA, and Roseburg, OR.

For over thirty-five years, our team has focused on taking care of families, businesses, and non-profit organizations in our local community, helping them identify and attain their own version of financial prosperity. What has developed from this journey is a strong conviction in the delivery of fiduciary financial services, an undeniable passion for client-centered advice, an evidence-based approach to portfolio construction, and a devotion to the client service experience.

Over the last five years, we have felt an unrelenting desire to help more people around the country. To do this meant that we needed to expand our geographical footprint and unite likeminded advisors when the opportunity presented itself. This partnership with Prime Wealth Management is a major step toward accomplishing that goal. In midst of this growth, however, our core values will remain unchanged. We will continue to build a holistic financial services company with the mission of becoming an industry leader not in profitability or revenue growth, but in client satisfaction and experience.

Beyond expanding our market presence, one of the major advantages of growth is the opportunity to leverage the skillsets of those who join our team. Rick Prime is the founder of PWM and has worked hand in hand with business owners and goal-oriented families to achieve financial prosperity as a successful practicing advisor for over twenty years. His practice is supported heavily by Caroline Bettendorf, an expert in financial planning and client servicing, and together they have built a fiduciary practice centered on putting their clients’ interest first. We know they will add their vast experience and knowledge to our existing advisory, planning, and service teams. On the same note, we aim to add value and streamline the financial management experience for our clients in Berkeley and Roseburg with our trust and private banking services. After all, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts, and a great partnership is one that is mutually beneficial.

Below is a summary of the key points from this announcement:

1 | Our company will remain headquartered in Kennewick, WA while maintaining satellite offices in Berkeley and Roseburg that we hope to expand over time.

2 | Our company will manage over $1B of assets after this acquisition, which illustrates the growing responsibility our firm has in taking care of our clients’ wealth – a responsibility we do not take lightly.

3 | We will continue to look for new ways to help clients reach their financial goals. Trust services and private banking will be offered to other markets but will be provided through our Kennewick headquarters. Together, the client experience should be seamless and unified.

This announcement is the culmination of many years of hard work combined with a vision crafted by our Director and Founder, Ty Haberling, CFP®. His determination and passion for helping others continues to inspire our team to innovate so you can be confident in the financial partner you have selected.

Thank you for your continued trust in our work, and we look to seeing you in our offices again soon.


William Wang, CFP®
Managing Director, HFG Trust


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