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Tax Planning

SECURE Act 2.0 and Required Minimum Distributions

Brent Schafer Wealth Planning Manager & Financial Advisor HFG Trust

On December 29, 2022, the SECURE Act 2.0 was signed into law. The act updates the rules surrounding retirement savings accounts and will have effects on almost every stage of saving for retirement. This new legislation builds upon the SECURE Act of 2019, that adjusted the rules on saving for retirement and withdrawing money from […]

Washington State to Begin Collecting Capital Gains Tax

Cody Beaumont Financial Advisor HFG Trust

Washington State has remained one of just eight states in the US that do not collect any form of state income tax. In recent years, this great perk has come under fire. Although the outcome is still being challenged in the Washington State Supreme Court, a tax resembling an income-tax is now being implemented and […]

Things to Consider Before Moving Out of State

The ability to work remote is an amazing thing. As I write this, my team leader is working temporarily in Arizona, my teammate is working from Washington, and I am currently residing in California. Even hundreds of miles apart, we can work seamlessly without a hiccup. This newly found freedom is becoming common and has […]

Tax Saving Tips You Are Missing Out On (2022)

At the start of last year, it was pretty hard to be excited about agricultural commodity markets. Not that they were bad but they sure weren’t good, and it was hard to project much more than breaking even on many farm budgets for 2021. Fast forward to today and prices have improved considerably…