The Economic Benefits of Shopping Local

When embarking on your holiday shopping, it may seem like an obvious choice to look toward large national chains, like Walmart, or browse the expansive options of product online, with […]

3 Fastest Ways to Improve your Credit Score

Max Lucas Mortgage Consultant HFG Trust

Your credit score is a vital part of your financial wellbeing. The difference between good and bad credit is more than which way the arrow tips on the barometer; it’s […]

Know the Contract with Your Contractor

Rick Pullen Construction & Consumer Banker HFG Trust

Homeownership has long been accepted as a core component of the American dream. For some, homeownership also means having a hand in crafting and designing their forever home. You have […]

5 Credit Mistakes To Avoid

When it comes to the world of personal finance and borrowing money there are few numbers more important than your credit score. Credit scores are used by financial institutions to […]

A Financial Advisor’s Guide to Holiday Shopping

Megan Nichols Financial Advisor HFG Trust

Even though there is a ton of advice floating around about how to be financially successful, many people still struggle with managing their money. The truth is, financial success doesn’t need to be complicated, time consuming, or overly restrictive.

College Graduates Saving for Retirement

Thinking about the future can be worrisome. Whether you’re age 20 and just entering the workforce or well-established at age 60, retirement will likely be a radical change of pace. Do you want to continue some form of part-time employment?

What It Takes to Become a Certified Financial Planner™

Brent Schafer Wealth Planning Manager & Financial Advisor HFG Trust

I first started working on earning the CFP® designation about a month after I joined HFG Trust in October of 2018. Not only is the CFP® coursework extensive, it also requires that the individual conduct business in a fiduciary capacity. I was drawn to the fact that the certification itself requires you to put the interests of the client ahead of your own. It was difficult. But after everything is all said and done, I am better for it and more prepared to provide our clients with the service they deserve.