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Home Loans

Navigating the Path to Building Your Own Home

Rick Pullen Construction & Consumer Banker HFG Trust

Financial Preparedness and Builder Selection  Setting out to build your dream home is a thrilling adventure, but it requires meticulous planning and financial readiness. Finding a reputable builder, understanding the contract’s terms, having money set aside for unforeseen expenses, and securing financing are all vital steps in the process. Reviewing each step thoroughly can help […]

Demystifying Mortgage Rates: Unraveling the Factors that Influence Interest Rates

Max Lucas Mortgage Consultant HFG Trust

For many, the dream of homeownership is a significant milestone. But beyond the search for the perfect home lies the crucial understanding of mortgage rates, a key component in determining the long-term cost of a home. The mortgage rate is the interest charged on the loan you take out to purchase or refinance your home. […]

How to Qualify for a Home Loan: Requirements and Eligibility Criteria

Max Lucas Mortgage Consultant HFG Trust

For aspiring homeowners, understanding the nuances of home loan qualifications can be the gateway to unlocking a better financial future. This journey might seem daunting but, with the right help, it can be navigated seamlessly. Why is this so crucial? It’s not just about numbers or interest rates. It involves understanding your credit history, managing […]

The 2022 Housing Market: Inflation and Rising Mortgage Interest Rates

In December of 2021, announcements and speculations were made that pointed to higher interest rates for 2022.  Those announcements and speculations have proven to be true.  At the end of June 2022, the Consumer Price Index increased 9.1 percent over the previous 12 months – the highest since November 1981. What Causes Inflation? Inflation is […]

Know the Contract with Your Contractor

Rick Pullen Construction & Consumer Banker HFG Trust

Homeownership has long been accepted as a core component of the American dream. For some, homeownership also means having a hand in crafting and designing their forever home. You have the opportunity to interview builders, and that is a crucial first step before the journey begins. Interviewing builders will allow you to have a closer […]

5 Things To Know Before Building Your Home

When someone decides to build their home, they unknowingly volunteer to traverse foreign waters. It’s not an understatement to claim that building a home requires financial savvy, means, and flexibility. Let’s discuss some details that would best prepare someone who is considering beginning the construction of their dream home.