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Current Events

What a BRICS Currency Means for the US Dollar?

William Wang, Managing Director of HFG Trust.

Earlier this month, it was announced that the BRICS nations, consisting of Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa, are working on a unified currency and plan to present their idea at the next BRICS Summit in South Africa. Their long-term objective is to replace the U.S. Dollar as the global currency standard. This development […]

Hedging Against Rising Inflation

Tyler Pearson, Wealth Planner at HFG Trust and a member of the 401k team

With the latest annualized inflation rate in the United States eclipsing 8%, worry of how rising  inflation will affect personal finances only continues to grow across the country. Talk of rising inflation is everywhere; it is no wonder there is a lot of questions surrounding the topic of inflation. Will inflation get worse? When will […]

Removing the Hurdles That Keep Women from Investing

Rebecca Martindale Wealth Planner HFG Trust

Imagine a financial advisor. Now, picture an investor. Who do you see? You probably envision a man in a suit and tie when you think of a financial advisor. Perhaps when you think of an investor you picture a man sitting in front of a few monitors, viewing performance charts of various stocks, and executing […]

2022 Ag Outlook in Columbia Basin Looks Strong, Albeit Spendy

At the start of last year, it was pretty hard to be excited about agricultural commodity markets. Not that they were bad but they sure weren’t good, and it was hard to project much more than breaking even on many farm budgets for 2021. Fast forward to today and prices have improved considerably…

Quarterly Market Review – Q4 2021

2021 ended with COVID continuing to occupy the headlines with a seemingly endless type of variant. However, similar to 2020, if you just observed news headlines, the prospect of a strong return for the market would seem to be very slim.

3 Facts to Consider When Investing During an Election Year

American flag waving on the car during United States Presidential election 2020 HFG Trust

Uncertainty surrounding the future of our country’s political direction can make it difficult to feel comfortable making financial decisions leading up to November elections. With two presidential candidates who have entirely different views, it only makes sense that investors might be leery of putting money into the market. Some might even consider taking money out. […]