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A Day in the Life of Service

As a member of the Service Team, my day starts off with reviewing my tasks and deadlines. The team takes pride in ensuring we process transactions such as distributions, rollovers, and transfers within a desired time period. We’ve created time frames for transactions that ensure we are being as efficient as possible and are staying focused on the needs of our clients. We prepare documents, process transactions, consult with the custodian, and work hand-in-hand with trading, planning, operations, and our advisors to maintain each account. Our days often involve many moving parts, but that is part of what we love about our department.  We are eager to problem solve and are always searching for a better way to achieve the best outcome for the client.

As the front line and, in many cases, the initial point of contact, we relish being our clients’ go-to and love the relationships we build.  The best part of our day is working with clients and hearing about their lives, interests, and families.  This is something we look forward to as soon as they first start their journey with us, and something we’re always excited to build on over the years.

I have the pleasure of spending my day alongside Allison, Jennie, Karen, and Sam.  Our team is fortunate – we enjoy what we do and we have a great time together as co-workers, sharing our stories and our lives with each other.  The relationships we have built show through in how we treat and respond to each of you.  We have fun at work and the team we’ve assembled is extremely client focused, with each member insisting on the very best for every person who walks through our doors.  I cannot tell you how many conversations we have had as a team in which we discuss our sleepless nights, whether we are scribbling notes at midnight or emailing our thoughts during our weekend, because we were thinking of the best way to serve our clients.

Janice Wilson, Senior Client Service Consultant


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